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Interior Repair Hot Spots


If the thought of making pre-sale home repairs all over your entire house feels overwhelming, take a step back and consider where you should really focus your attention. When you're considering the interior of your house, here are the top repair hot spots on which to focus:


1. Electrical Panel

Just prior to sale, you are not likely to be doing any major upgrading on your electrical system, but you will need to locate your main electrical panel and give it a good cleaning. Brush out all the cobwebs, dead spiders, and dust and wipe off any rust or mildew.


2. Plumbing and Sewage

Make sure each and every sink and tub in the house is draining properly and that the drain lines are clear. Flush them all, but don’t stop there. Your buyer’s inspector won’t. He will run water in several sinks and flush several toilets at the same time. This is a great test of the house’s main drain line. So, if your house doesn’t flow with the flush, get that plumber over now!


3. Water Pressure

Another revealing plumbing trick is to run the dishwasher and washing machine along with a sink and shower. How’s the water pressure? Do you need a bigger hot water tank? Is it big enough to handle a small family? Find out now and plan on doing some re-piping if necessary.


4. Hot Water Heater

Look under the water heater to check for rust or leaks. If you find any, replace it now, and save some money and negotiating. A rusty or leaking water heater will be an immediate request for replacement to your buyers from their inspector.


5. Septic Tank

If your house is on a septic tank system, schedule it to be emptied at least two weeks prior to sale. The last thing you want to do is empty that tank during showings.


6. Leaks

Most pipe and faucet leaks are an easy and inexpensive fix, but a real turn off for buyers. Inspect each and every faucet and hose bib inside and outside the house—both above and below countertops.


7. Heating and Cooling

Test your heating and air conditioning systems. If the systems are eight years of age or older there may be a problem about to happen, or you may have to replace something before you sell. And some buyers don’t care how small a problem is; they will often ask for a credit for a whole new system. So make sure yours works. Also, this is the time to change your filters, and make sure the units and visible ducts are spanking clean.


8. Thermostats

Test your thermostats. If they are broken, replace them now!